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Our jade rollers are back for purchase! They are a hot skincare item and make a great gift for  birthday or holiday season!

A common question asked is: "What does a jade roller do exactly?" 

Answer: It's a skincare tool that has been used as an ancient traditional remedy to massage the face, improve your skin, and circulation. 

What other benefits does it provide?

  • Encourages lymphatic drainage to boost your skins natural detoxification process
  • Reduces puffy eyes & soothes inflammation
  • Stimulates blood-flow circulation for glowing skin
  • Helps tone & tighten facial muscles
  • Relieves muscle tension related to migraines 
  • Relieves sinus pressure
  • Refrigerated roller provides a cooling sensation to calm irritated or inflamed skin


  • Material - natural quartz stone
  • Size -  5" 
  • Weight -  2oz.
  • Colour -  white (only)